Bodywork has always been a part of Erica’s physical practice. She first found affinity with massage when she was introduced as a child to traditional Japanese massage forms in an after school class. Since then, as a dancer and choreographer, Erica has integrated bodywork into her dance practice to create more sustainability in her and her dancers’ lifestyles.

barefootbodyworkErica has been studying Barefoot Bodywork and Ashiatsu with Leah Gillman at Barefoot Movement for several years and has spent many hours placating sore dance friends and colleagues with her barefoot bodywork practice. As one of Leah’s advanced students of Barefoot Bodywork, Erica is offering low cost community style barefoot massages sessions, meaning that there may be multiple sessions taking place simultaneously, at Barefoot Movement. All sessions are clothes-on and take place on a shiatsu mat on the floor.

You can see Erica’s available sessions here.


Had an amazing barefoot massage. The low cost community clinic really came through for me. I feel so calm and grounded. I’m able to get back to my demanding schedule rejuvenated. They have expanded the dates so check the schedule and get in for your massage.

– Five star Yelp review from one of Erica’s sessions.

To schedule a session, email Joel Jacobs at

Ashiatsu is a bodywork form that applies therapeutic pressure (through clothing) to promote health and well being. Although “Ashiatsu” literally means foot (ashi) pressure (atsu) in Japanese, ashiatsu techniques also make use of knees, elbows, palms, and fingers where necessary and appropriate.

What to expect when you come for a session
Erica will be waiting for you at the studio with a massage mat all set up and ready to go. Other sessions may be happening at the same time. Please bring an empty pillow case or spare Tshirt to put under your face during your session for sanitary purposes. Have an essentially empty stomach when you come. Wear loose, comfortable clothing (think: pajamas or long sleeved/long legged exercise clothes) you may wear socks if you like, the practitioner is the one with the bare feet!

Please bring your payment in either cash or check.



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