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Scratch Dance will be participating in an online dance showcase in March – details coming soon



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Scratch Dance and Sexe Dance Join Forces to Create an Evening of Dance

Scratch Dance (Erica Pinigis) and Liz Sexe Dance present an evening of dance on Wednesday, May 24th and Thursday, May 25th at Olin Park Pavilion starting at 7:30 p.m. both nights. Pursuit- in parts- impart is the culmination of Pinigis and Sexe’s choreographic exchange. Each choreographer has created work on both her own company and that of her collaborator’s. Surprising, meticulous, and bold, the results of the exchange weave a harmonious thread between dancers and themes that may not otherwise have interacted.

Pinigis and Sexe met while taking a class at Kanopy Dance on State Street in Madison, WI and discovered they both received their MFA in Dance from Mills College in Oakland, CA. After sharing their stories from school, they decided it was only appropriate that they co-produce a show together. They also wanted to give their dancers an opportunity to explore someone else’s choreographic process. This resulted in each choreographer making a work on her own dancers and creating work on the other’s dancers. Having a common history in their studies, and also the places they have called home, Erica and Liz have found that the work, while being diverse, shares common threads.

As spring brings warmer weather, Pinigis and Sexe invite you to venture by foot, bike or car over to Olin Park Pavilion. There will be pre and post show outdoor performances before and after the indoor performance, at sunset and twilight. The performance indoors will run one hour. There is a suggested donation of $15 at the door. Special thanks to Dane Arts for their financial contributions.

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Mbongui Square 2015, an annual arts event organized by Kiandanda Dance Theater mbonguisquareedit

Saturday, December 12th 2015 at 7pm

Sunday, December 13th 2015 at 7pm

Mbongui Square is an annual arts event organized by Kiandanda Dance Theater, which gathers dance, music, visual arts and spoken word artists of varied styles and artistic choices, from the Bay Area and across the world for a sharing of their talent and art.
What defines Mbongui Square is interdisciplinary arts + multicultural community.

This arts event, launched in 2012, came from the desire to reinforce the notion of community through the arts. The event is represented by artists from diverse art forms and backgrounds on a shared, unique platform space.

Mbongui is a word originated from the Congo that refers to togetherness. It refers to a place where family, neighbors, passers-by and foreigners from different ethnicities come together to share meals, stories, and knowledge, and/or receive assistance from the community.

In Mbongui Square, we break with the formal performance setting and artists perform a piece of their professional art repertory they think is worth sharing with the world. Mbongui Square is a place where artists meet and give themselves the opportunity to collaborate with others for future projects. It is a transformative place; an inspiring place in which each person’s story may represent a new direction, a new way to take one’s artwork, another way to keep breaking with boundaries. Artists have five to ten minutes of performance time.
The diverse community of the Bay Area is invited to be witnesses to the artists’ journey, to divulge your own experiences, to offer feedback and to help create a sense of interconnectedness amongst all.

Kiandanda Dance Theater believes now is the time to return to the Mbongui, the time to take action and to show and speak about how the arts can lead to deeper human connection.

Mbongui Square celebrates the Arts.
Mbongui Square is the wealth of our differences.

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