I came to Pilates work as a somatic supplement to my dance practice while completing my MFA at Mills College. My original dance training was in Martha Graham technique, which continues to shed light on my ongoing study of Pilates. Pilates continues to enrich, enable, and sustain my highly active lifestyle.

Fully certified in STOTT PILATES®, Total Barre, and CORE (HIIT), I offer private sessions to folks from all walks of life – from grandmas that want to play more with their grandchildren to professional dancers looking to refine movement patterns or stay fit in an off season.

I worked intensively for the past several years in the STOTT PILATES® San Francisco Bay Area Licensed Training Center, Blue Sparrow Pilates. While there I taught 35 hours per week of private sessions for clients including professional dancers with goals ranging from managing auto-immune conditions and multiple sclerosis, pre-surgical strengthening, pre and post-natal care, as well as injury prevention, recovery, athletic conditioning, and targeted movement patterning for professional dancers, cyclists, and other athletes. I helped them achieve more fully active lives and decreased pain. I have also worked as a post-rehab trainer – meaning that I have worked in conjunction with a Physical Therapist after the most acute healing is done to supplement the PT’s homework exercises and ensure that proper form is being maintained.

I’m excited to set up a teaching practice in Madison now that I’m here, and one of the primary places that I’ll be doing that is at Kanopy Dance Inc. with the studio’s Reformer and my own props.

If you want to get a feel for the kind of work that I do, you can check out www.bluesparrowpilates.com (You can still see some pictures of me up there)

Generally I will have the following Kanopy teaching hours:

W-F 7-8am and 12:30-5:30pm / Saturdays 8:30am-12:30pm

Email me at pilates@ericapinigis.com to let me know what your goals are and what your ideal session time would be.

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  • Claudia Fleischhauer says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to take class with Erica in the past and have always left class feeling amazing! Her attention to detail and extensive knowledge of anatomy combined will help you feel muscles you didn’t even know you had. She’ll help you understand the goal of each exercise and muscle emphasis with her creative use of imagery and entertaining cues. Don’t stress too if you’re brand new to Pilates and a little hesitant! Erica is very personable and will make you feel comfortable right from the beginning. I always looked forward to being able to take her classes in San Francisco and highly recommend working with her.

  • Harper says:

    After working with Erica for several years in San Francisco I can say that she is one of the most knowledgeable and intuitive instructors I’ve ever seen. Her ability to adjust lessons to the specific needs of each individual and modify exercises in real time is unparalleled. Furthermore, she’s a beautiful soul who deeply believes in helping and supporting others in all aspects of their lives and that comes through in everything she does. How could you want anything more from an instructor? Wish I was in Madison so I could take from her!

  • Megan Tourtellotte says:

    I had the pleasure of Erica being my instructor at Blue Sparrow Pilates. She is kind, personable and ABSOLUTELY the best in business! I have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and Pilates helps me change the hard-wired pattern of muscle memory to better my whole body movement. Without question she has the innate ability to modify any exercise in real time without any hesitation or frustration. Her understanding of the human body and the inter-workings of how meshes is better then any Doctor I have been too in my life (I have been to my share fare and then some). If I could move to Madison just for Pilates, I would pack tomorrow!

  • Erica is an amazing Pilates instructor! i love going to her class regularly, it’s the highlight of my week. she has a very strong anatomical background, paired with rigor for the practice, balanced programming, skillful cues and corrections – all yielding an awesome, effective workout. she is both perceptive and intuitive, seeing and feeling what’s going on in your body. i feel stronger and taller when i leave 😉 Erica is also generous in sharing feedback and words of wisdom, and she genuinely cares about every person she teaches – a true Pilates mentor!~

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