The images and links below pertain to performances of my own choreography as well as my performance in the choreography of other artists:

Co-Motion (2008)CoMotionLineup

Interview and Pre-View Article by Linda Shapiro

Preview by Caroline Palmer


Entangled (2008)finalpostcard

 Archived preview article of the full show available at: (scanned hard copy coming soon)

Excerpted film shown in the Dance Film Project preview article by Caroline Palmer


Into the Current (2013)thesisfeet

 Preview article by Rachel Holdt


Blind Tiger Society’s “Aftermath Affair” (2014)

Choreography: Bianca Cabrera

Photography: Roel Q Seeber

aftermath affair

Preview Article by Lori Higa of the Potrero View

Review by blogger and dance commentator Heather Desaulniers

-More to come soon from my hard copy archives-

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